Instructions & Help

To register yourself and/or your family click on the Register button. On the next page enter the information to create your account.

After your account is created you will be asked to add a reader. This is where you enter your information if you are signing up or, if you are not signing up, then you would enter the first family member. Then click Next.

The next page will show you the different programs we are offering. Carefully read through the descriptions and choose the one that best fits the reader you are registering. Click on that program.

You will then be given the option to add another reader. Click yes to add more family members or no if you are just registering yourself. Then click Next. 

To make it more fun for everyone we have programs for 4 different age groups. You will notice that some of the program ages overlap; this means that you can choose to join whichever program interests you. 

  • Gnomies: Ages 3 and under
  • Imps: Ages 4 and up (school age)
  • Dragons: Ages 13-17
  • Adult: Ages 16 and up

After you signup, all you have to do is login to record the time you've read. You don't have to do this everyday. 

Additionally, the programs for kids have activities that can be completed to earn extra points. All you have to do is complete the activity and claim it in your account. Keep your eyes and ears out for Secret Codes at different times throughout the program; they can earn you extra points and/or prizes. You can also earn Badges for completing certain milestones.

The Adult program has raffle tickets that you can earn for days read. There will also be different Secret Codes for Adult Readers. 



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